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Apr 23, 2013 5:30pm PDT
tamerlan had another favorite speaker. a chechen rebel leader who's video tamerlan posted online. here the leader threatens death to anyone who helps the infidels. he was killed by the russians last year. and it was on the internet, dzhokhar told fbi agents, that they learned how to make a bomb with a pressure cooker all found from an al qaeda online magazine. >> it suggests people are getting smarter about building easily manufactured bombs and targeting the united states. >> reporter: in russia today, the mother of the brothers tsarnaev, who first encouraged her older son. she was defiant in claiming their innocence. >> my son was muslim! >> reporter: in her first on-camera, interview, she said her sons were being set up. >> what happened is a terrible thing, but i know that my kids have nothing to do with this. i know it, i am mother. >> the parents are talking about coming to boston to see their surviving son and claim the body of the dead one. if the mother comes, she could face arrest for failing to show up in court in boston last year, on charges she shoplifted $1,600 worth of c
Apr 22, 2013 5:30pm PDT
continuing threat. the fbi also wants to question tamerlan's wife, seen over the weekend, leaving the family apartment. a rhode island native, she converted to islam and changed her name from katherine to karima. because she lived in the same cambridge apartment where authorities believed the two brothers hatched their plot, she could provide clues about whether others were involved. her family issued a statement today saying, "we know now that we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev." now a possible link to a murder, two years ago. local prosecutors said today they are investigatoring whether tamerlan was involved in the brutal murder of three young men, one of whom was his roommate. the three were found with their throats slashed, covered in marijuana and cash. also under investigation, the six-month trip he took to russia, at a time that rebel groups there carried out a number of violent attacks. as abc's kirit radia discovered in the dagestan region. >> last year alone, dagestan lost 115 police officers in nearly 300 terror attacks. just two years ago, this street was obliterated b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2